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NERC was formed in February 2014 as the umbrella organisation for the existing recovery cafes in the North East, The Charlie Canning Centre, North East Recovery Day (NERD) and Sunday Social. In April 2014, NERC opened PARC at the Nazarene Church in Parkhead.

 In September 2014, Recovery Empowers North East Women (RENEW) was launched at Fullerton Park Hotel. Springburn Addiction Recovery Café (SPARC), was next to open in September 2015. In December 2021 NERC launched JARC (Jim's Addiction Recovery Café) to replace the former Charlie Canning recovery café. 

Now seven years since its launch NERC has continued to grow and support more people not just in the North East of the city but Citywide. NERC currently have five recovery cafes open: JARC, SPARC, PARC, RENEW, and NERD.

All of our recovery cafes are run by a fantastic team of volunteers each who have been through their own recovery journey.  At each of the recovery cafes there are volunteers on hand to offer support, advice or just a friendly chat.

NERC are also supported by a small team of NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and Glasgow City Council staff to help oversee the business side, as well as being on hand to support the volunteers.

In March 2022 North East Recovery Community was awarded Charitable Status (SC051633).

NERC also works with our fellow recovery communities across the city South Recovery Communities and North West Recovery Community as well as partner organisations We Are With You, GEAAP   Phoenix Futures and Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership with the aim of providing support through recovery to the whole of Glasgow.

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